Academic Departments

   YIN   junior research groups at KIT


   AAS   American Astronomical Society
   Adler Planetarium   planetarium in Chicago
   Agena AstroProducts   telescope retailer
   AMS   American Meteor Society   e-print archive
   Ask an Astronomer   astronomy Q&A
   Astronomy   astronomy magazine
   Bushnell   sports optics company
   Celestron   telescope manufacturer
   CfA   Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
   Cloudy Nights   astronomical community
   Cornell Astronomy   Cornell University Department of Astronomy
   ESA/Hubble   European Space Agency Hubble Space Telescope
   ESO   European Southern Observatory
   Heavens-Above   satellite tracking website

   High Point Scientific   telescope retailer
   HubbleSite   Hubble Space Telescope
   IAC   International Astronomical Center
   iOptron   telescope company
   Meade   telescope manufacturer   satellite tracking site
   NASA JPL MEP   NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mars Exploration Program
   NASA JPL SSD   NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Solar System Dynamics
   NASA JWST   NASA James Webb Space Telescope
   Nine Planets   solar system tour
   NRAO   National Radio Astronomy Observatory
   NSSDCA   NASA Space Science Data Coordinated Archive
   OPT   telescope retailer   hunting/shooting/tactical gear retailer
   Orion   telescope manufacturer

   SETI@home   Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
   Sky & Telescope   general interest astronomy magazine   NASA Science Solar System Exploration   astronomy/space news   information/news about Sun-Earth environment
   Stellarium   planetarium software
   STScI   Space Telescope Science Institute
   SWAROVSKI OPTIK   optical instrument manufacturer
   Swinburne CAS   Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing
   The Planetary Society   space advocacy/outreach nonprofit organization   calendars/countdown counters/world clock
   UAF GI   University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute
   Universe Sandbox   physics-based space simulator
   USNO AA   Astronomical Applications Department of U.S. Naval Observatory   NMOC Naval Oceanography Portal

   Vortex   optical equipment manufacturer
   William Optics   telescope company   information about solar system
   WWT   WorldWide Telescope
   ZEISS   optical/optoelectronic technology company

Directories   catalogue of science dissertations
   ESI   Essential Science Indicators
   Labfinder   calibration/testing laboratory search   registry of research data repositories
   SciBoard   learning resource for biology/mathematics/physics
   SciCentral   science news sources   US government science information
   STN Easy   scientific information search
   STN on the Web   online scientific/technical information service
   Strategian Science   analysis/news about science
   The Science Page   science homework help resources
   WCC   World Conference Calendar
   WebExhibits   virtual museum of culture/humanities/science


   AAFC   Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
   Acta Horticulturae   Acta Horticulturae articles/books
   Aggie Horticulture   gardening/horticultural crop information
   APHIS   USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
   Arbor Day Foundation   nonprofit conservation/education organization   arborist/chainsaw/firewood processing site
   ARS   USDA Agricultural Research Service
   ASABE   American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
   ASHS   American Society for Horticultural Science
   CAAS   open access agricultural journals
   CAB Direct   agricultural/applied life sciences literature archive
   CABI   Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International
   CGIAR   Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research
   CIFOR   Center for International Forestry Research
   CIRAD   The French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development

   Cornell Cooperative Extension   Cornell extension program
   EDIS   Electronic Data Information Source of UF IFAS Extension
   FAO   Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
   Feedipedia   animal feed encyclopedia   organic farm/gardening supplier
   IASRI   Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
   ICRISAT   International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
   IICA   Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
   IITA   International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
   ILRI   International Livestock Research Institute
   IRRI   International Rice Research Institute
   ISHS   International Society for Horticultural Science
   Journal of Dairy Science   dairy research journal
   LawnSite   landscaping/lawn care business forum
   LSU AgCenter   Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

   NC State Extension   NC State extension program
   NIFA   USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
   Northeast Forestry University   forestry university in China
   NRCS   USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
   OSU Extension Service   OSU extension program
   Penn State Extension   Penn State extension program
   PestWorld   pest control/management information
   SCAU   South China Agricultural University
   SUNY ESF   SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
   The Fish Site   seafood knowledge hub
   The Poultry Site   poultry knowledge hub
   U of I extension   U of I extension program
   UAF   agricultural university in Pakistan
   UC ANR   UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
   UGA extension   UGA extension program

   UMass CAFE   UMass Amherst Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment
   UMD extension   UMD extension program
   UMN Extension   UMN extension program
   USDA   United States Department of Agriculture
   Virginia Cooperative Extension   VSU/VT extension program


   Abcam   life-science e-commerce company
   Addgene   nonprofit plasmid repository
   APS   American Phytopathological Society
   ASM   American Society for Microbiology
   ASM AEM   American Society for Microbiology Applied and Environmental Microbiology
   Bio-Rad   diagnostic/life science products
   Biocompare   product information/reviews for life scientists
   Bioconductor   open source software for bioinformatics
   BioLegend   antibodies/reagents for biomedical research
   Bioline International   electronic publishing service for bioscientists
   Biology Dictionary   examples/explanations of biological concepts
   BioSpace   life science careers/news
   BioTecNika   biotechnology encyclopedia
   BLAST   Basic Local Alignment Search Tool
   BMC   scientific open access publisher

   Broad Institute   biomedical/genomic research center
   Busch Gardens   animal theme park
   California Academy of Sciences   natural history museum/research institute
   Cell Press   biomedical research/reviews
   CIRAD   French agricultural research organization
   CSHL   Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
   CSIRO   Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
   EMBL-EBI   EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute
   GEN   Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
   GeneCards   human gene database   University of Utah Department of Human Genetics
   GenScript   life sciences products/services
   Illumina   array-based/sequencing solutions for genetic research
   iNaturalist   online community of naturalists
   Innerbody   medical/wellness testing guide

   Jackson Laboratory   biomedical research institution
   JBC   Journal of Biological Chemistry
   JCB   Journal of Cell Biology
   JEM   Journal of Experimental Medicine
   JGP   Journal of General Physiology
   Journal of Immunology   immunology journal
   JoVE   peer reviewed scientific video journal
   LSHTM   London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
   Mayo Clinic   academic medical center
   Nature   science journal
   NCBI   biomedical/genomic information
   NEB   New England Biolabs
   NHGRI   National Human Genome Research Institute
   NIDA   National Institute on Drug Abuse
   QIAGEN   molecular sample provider

   San Diego Zoo   zoo in San Diego
   SfN   Society for Neuroscience
   Sigma-Aldrich   biotechnology/chemical/life science company   National Institutes of Health Stem Cell Information
   Thomas Scientific   laboratory/scientific supplies

Anomalies and Alternative Science

   Access Research Network   intelligent design organization
   ACO   American College of Orgonomy
   Alchemy Forums   practical/spiritual alchemy forums
   Alchemy Guild   international alchemy guild
   Alchemy Web Site   collection of alchemical resources
   Anomalies   paranormal database   cross-quarter/equinox/solstice
   ASSAP   Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena
   Atlantis Rising Magazine   ancient mysteries/unexplained anomalies
   BFF   Bigfoot Forums
   BFRO   Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
   Biblioteca Pléyades   virtual library
   Bigfoot Encounters   Bigfoot news/photographs/sightings
   Cryptomundo   cryptozoology news/opinions
   CSI   Creation Studies Institute

   Earthfiles   astronomical/Earth mysteries
   Educate-Yourself   educational forum
   Etheric Warriors   orgonite blog
   FES   Flat Earth Society
   Forbidden Archeology   alternative archeologist Michael Cremo’s website
   Fortean Times   journal of strange phenomena   system of ancient monumental constructions   economy/new energy/physics
   Historic Mysteries   collection of mysteries/wonders
   Legend of Nessie   Loch Ness Monster site   Loch Ness Monster website   Loch Ness and Morar Project
   Loren Coleman   cryptozoologist Loren Coleman’s website   Planetary Tantra   Shock Dynamics geology theory

   OBRL   Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory   Bigfoot photos/sounds/videos
   Orgone Crystals   small orgone generators
   Orgone Energy   orgone energy EMF/radiation shielding products
   Orgonics   orgone accumulating devices
   Orgonise Africa   orgonite store
   Rupert Sheldrake   biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s website
   SSE   fringe science group
   Strange Sounds   strange phenomena/sounds blog
   The Anomalist   world news on mysteries
   The Spagyricus Institute   alchemical education
   The TalkOrigins Archive   creation/evolution controversy
   The TrueOrigin Archive   creationism
   The Voynich Manuscript   analysis of Voynich manuscript
   Unexplained Mysteries   paranormal forums/news

   USPA   United States Psychotronics Association   psychiatrist Immanuel Velikovsky’s unpublished writings   conspiracies/lost history/mysteries
   WingMakers   cosmology
   Your Own World USA   earth changes/extraterrestrial/Planet X

Chats and Forums   philosophy/science forum   science forums   casual discussion science forum
   The Science Forum   science discussion