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   These United States   U.S. state information   The World Almanac   statesmen/world leaders encyclopedia
   Writer’s Almanac   Writer’s Almanac archives




   ADAH   Alabama Department of Archives and History
   AIIM   Association for Information and Image Management
   Anthology Film Archives   film preservation center
   ARA   Archives and Records Association
   Archives New Zealand   national archives of New Zealand
   Archives of American Art   American visual arts archives
   Archives of Ontario   archives for the province of Ontario   archives of the University of Notre Dame   Penn University Archives & Records Center
   ARMA   Association of Records Managers and Administrators
   BAMPFA   Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
   Bentley Historical Library   Michigan state documents/UMich archives
   Briscoe Center   American/Texas history research center
   CILIP   information/library association   US Chief Information Officers Council   county records of US states
   DCMI   Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
   FileHold   document/record management software
   Georgia Archives   Georgia’s historical documents
   GG Archives   cultural/social history archive
   IISH   archives of labor/social history
   ISHS   Idaho State Historical Society
   Kansas Historical Society   state historical society of Kansas
   LAC   Library and Archives Canada
   Maryland State Archives   official documents/records of Maryland
   MDAH   Mississippi Department of Archives and History
   MNHS   Minnesota Historical Society
   NAA   National Archives of Australia
   NAI   National Archives of India
   NARA   US National Archives and Records Administration

   NAS   National Archives of Singapore
   Nasjonalbiblioteket   National Library of Norway
   Nationaal Archief   national archives of Netherlands
   National Security Archive   archival/research institution   National Archives of Ireland
   New York State Archives   historical records of New York State
   NFSA   National Film and Sound Archive of Australia
   Papers Past   digitized New Zealand newspapers
   PatFT   US patent full-text databases
   PRONI   Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
   Qualsys   compliance/governance/risk software platform
   Rigsarkivet   Danish National Archives
   SAA   Society of American Archivists
   SOLEIF   Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation
   Swiss Federal Archives   national archives of Switzerland

   The Open Video Project   digital video collection
   THNOC   New Orleans culture/history museum
   TNA   The National Archives UK
   UCLA Film and Television Archive   film/television archive

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   ADS Library   Archaeology Data Service library search
   BCIN   Bibliographic Database of the Conservation Information Network
   BDČZ   Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands
   Bib Soc   Bibliographical Society
   Black American Feminisms   bibliography of black American feminist thought
   BSA   Bibliographical Society of America
   BSC   Bibliographical Society of Canada
   BSUVA   Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia   Diary Research Website
   EBS   Edinburgh Bibliographical Society
   EBSCOhost   online research platform
   ECCB   Eighteenth Century Current Bibliography   Ernest Bramah Bibliography
   FAMSI   Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.
   Iter   bibliography of Medieval/Renaissance Europe   Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics Library
   OBS   Oxford Bibliographical Society
   Population Index   bibliography of global demographic/population literature   Bibliography of Ancient Egypt
   The Library   bibliography journal
   Wolfram Library Archive   knowledge archive


   100 GBB   biographies of 100 important Black people in UK
   About Famous People   biographies of historical personages
   ADB   Australian Dictionary of Biography
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   Biography Archive   biographical articles
   Biography Center   biographical directory   famous biographies
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   MY HERO   art/media/stories on heroes
   PlanetRulers   bios/photos of current world political leaders   biographical dictionary

Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I was a long-ruling queen of England, governing with relative stability and prosperity for 44 years. The Elizabethan era is named for her.

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How Pfizer Makes Money

Oncology has the most revenue, but the rare disease business is growing fastest


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