Antiques   hallmarks/maker’s marks/silver marks encyclopedia
   AADLA   antiques/fine arts organization
   ACMOC   Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club
   Antique Radios   vintage radio collecting
   Antiques and the Arts   antiques/arts trade
   Antiques Trade Gazette   antique/art news
   ASCAS   antique silver collectors association
   Atwater Kent Radio   Atwater Kent radios information   washing machines   carpet encyclopedia
   DATAMP   American machinery/tool patents directory
   EnginAds   advertising pages for antique engines
   Farm Collector   vintage farm equipment
   Friends of Ferguson Heritage   Harry Ferguson tractors   antique Chinese/Japanese porcelain

   InstAppraisal   antique/art/collectible appraisals
   ISRM   slide rules   carpets/rugs
   Kovels   antique/collectibles price guide
   Library of Congress   research library   crystal/tube radios   tractor forums
   Nostalgia Air   antique/vintage radio references   old engines   antique/used woodworking tools   Philco radios
   Phil’s Old Radios   antique radios
   Preston Services   steam engines suppliers
   Prices4Antiques   antiques/collectibles auction prices database
   Red Star Radiosite   Soviet antique radio gallery

   RedSquare   Wheel Horse forum   antique rugs/carpets/textile arts marketplace
   Scott Antique Markets   antique show
   Shorpy   vintage photography blog   antique silver collection
   Smokstak   antique engines
   TEFAF   antiques/art/design fair
   The Ferguson Club   Ferguson tractor owners club
   The Textile Museum   textile museum
   The Typewriter Database   typewriter serial number information
   The Valve Museum   valves
   The Valve Page   vintage televisions/tube radios collection   Stoke-on-Trent potteries
   TMC   textile museum
   Tractor Forum   online tractor community/resource

   Tractor Shed   antique/vintage tractors
   Vacuumland   vacuum cleaners   phonographs
   Vintage Tractor Engineer   vintage tractor maintenance/repair tutorials
   Yesterday’s Tractors   antique tractor parts


   Audio Geek Zine   music production articles
   Audio Ideas Guide   hi-fi/home theater magazine
   Audiofanzine   music gear news/reviews
   Audioholics   online audio/video magazine
   Audiokarma   home audio stereo discussion forums
   Audiophilia   online audiophile journal   home music production tutorials
   AudioReview   audio component review site   audio/video hardware archive
   Chris VenHaus   DIY resource for audiophiles
   Classic Speaker Pages   classic speakers information
   DIY Audio Projects   DIY audio project collection
   DIY Audio Projects   DIY audio blog   subwoofer DIY   audiophile equipment reviews   pro audio community
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   Home Brew Audio   audio recording lessons
   Home Studio Corner   music production tutorials   music recording forum
   Hometracked   home recording/project studio blog
   Humble Homemade Hifi   loudspeaker projects   tube amplifier projects
   LA Audio File   audio equipment reviews
   Lansing Heritage   history of audio engineer James B. Lansing   MiniDisc community portal   Nakamichi cassette deck resource
   Pass DIY   amplifiers/loudspeakers/preamplifiers projects
   Positive Feedback   audio arts forum

   Pro Audio Files   tutorials on mastering/mixing/producing music
   Production Advice   music production advice
   RecordingHacks   audio recording news
   Remote Central   universal remote control reviews
   Roger Russell   information/photos of McIntosh equipment   Sansui classic audio/vintage stereo information
   Sonic State   music technology news/reviews
   Stereo Times   audiophile magazine
   Stereophile   high-end audio magazine   subwoofer DIY   transmission line speaker information
   The Analog Dept.   vinyl LP hardware information
   The Big Picture   music production blog
   TNT-Audio   hi-fi audiophile magazine   audio/music magazine

   Tuner Information Center   vintage stereo tuners information
   UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive   cylinder recording archive
   UHF Magazine   high fidelity magazine
   Zaph Audio   DIY speaker projects


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   Motor Authority   auto news
   Motor Trend   automobile magazine
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   NHTSA   National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
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   Popular Mechanics   popular science/technology magazine
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   Renault   automobile manufacturer   Porsche enthusiast site
   Road & Track   automotive enthusiast magazine
   Speedhunters   car tuning weblog
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   Suzuki   automobile/motorcycle manufacturer

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   Top Gear   automobile magazine
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   Volvo   Swedish luxury vehicles company
   Vwvortex   Volkswagen enthusiast website