Alternative Press Center   alternative media
   Alternative Radio   public affairs radio program
   AlterNet   progressive news   arts criticism/political commentary   funny/weird news stories
   Before It’s News   citizen journalism   inspiring/positive stories   culture/lifestyle/travel stories   business/politics/sports news
   Consortium News   independent investigative journalism
   Damn Interesting   true stories from history/psychology/science
   Dark Horse News   alternative media/breaking news   positive/uplifting news
   Films for Action   community-powered video library
   Flashpoints   investigative news magazine

   Gipsy Ninja   lifestyle/nature/science articles
   Global Comment   arts/culture/politics articles
   Good News Agency   constructive/positive news
   Good News Network   positive news stories
   Good News Planet   business/health/international/science news
   Good News Shared   charitable/positive stories
   Great News Network   inspirational/positive news   business/entertainment/politics/technology articles
   Guernica   global arts/politics magazine
   I See India   innovative/positive news of India
   Immortal News   trending news
   In Motion Magazine   multicultural/online publication about democracy   art/design/music/news
   Making Contact   social justice issues
   New America Media   ethnic news

   Only Good TV   positive/uplifting stories
   Personal Liberty   conservative news/political commentary
   Positive News   constructive journalism   international broadcast/news organization
   Spiked   British culture/politics/society magazine
   Steel on Steel   politics/religion news radio
   Sunny Skyz   positive/upbeat media
   The Better India   positive journalism
   The Demon’s Den   crime related/weird news
   The Event Chronicle   alternative news
   The Financial Armageddon   financial armageddon economic collapse blog
   The Fox Gazette   entertaining/informative news
   The Sleuth Journal   independent alternative media
   This Is True   strange-but-true stories
   Trill!   alternative pop culture/viral media

   Unknown Country   culture/religion/science news
   Vision Times   China stories
   Whiteout Press   independent news

Analysis and Opinion

   Anne Applebaum   journalist Anne Applebaum’s website
   Boston Review   literary/political forum   columnist Cal Thomas’ columns/transcripts
   Conservative Chronicle   conservative cartoonists/columnists directory
   David Limbaugh   political columnist David Limbaugh’s website   foreign affairs columnist Eric Margolis’ blog
   Essays in Idleness   journalist David Warren’s essays
   Fareed Zakaria   journalist Fareed Zakaria’s website   media bias
   FrontPage Mag   right-wing political website
   George Monbiot   British/international politics
   Global Issues   economic/environmental/political/social issues
   Governing   US local/state government news
   Hollis Gillespie   humor writer Hollis Gillespie’s website
   Inter Press Service   Global South news

   IPA   Institute for Public Accuracy
   Jamestown Foundation   global analysis/research
   Jewish World Review   contemporary Judaism magazine
   Little Green Footballs   American political blog   news forum   Filipino journalism professor Luis Teodoro’s blog   counter-culture/occulture/subculture/suppressed media
   Michelle Malkin   conservative political blog
   NSNC   National Society of Newspaper Columnists   world news
   Open Source   arts/ideas/politics radio show   culture/law/politics/religion journal
   Project Syndicate   analysis/commentary on global topics
   Public Agenda   public engagement organization
   RetirementRevised   retirement investing/job/planning

   SteynOnline   arts/culture/politics columns
   Suddenly Senior   humor/nostalgia/useful information for seniors
   The Atlantic   foreign affairs/literature/political science magazine
   The Buck Stops Here   commentary on culture/law/politics
   The Contrarian   culture/media/metaphysics/politics magazine
   The Ethical Spectacle   ethics/law/politics journal
   The Media Line   Middle East news
   The New Republic   arts/politics commentary magazine   columnist Thomas Friedman’s website
   Truthdig   news commentary
   Utne   arts/culture/politics/spirituality magazine   public addresses/speeches magazine
   Washington Monthly   political magazine   world news from world newspapers

Breaking News

   24-7 Press Release   press release distribution services
   ABC News   news website
   ABC Radio Australia   international online/radio service   international news agency
   Black PR Wire   African-American newswire service
   Bloomberg   business/financial news   progressive media article links   Canada/world news
   CBS News   online news
   Cision Canada   news distribution network
   CNBC   American business news channel
   Common Dreams   US progressive news website
   CRWE World   network of community targeted sites
   Easy Media List   American media contact lists
   EIN Presswire   press release distribution service

   Financial Buzz   financial news
   First to Know   entertainment/travel articles
   Fox Business   business news
   Fox News   news website
   GC Newsroom   news resources published by Government of Canada
   Hot Recent News   world news
   Inquisitr   media/news website
   Lycos News   celebrity news
   MB Publishing   press release distribution service
   Military Times   military news
   NAM News Network   global reports on Non-Aligned Movement countries
   NBC News   news website
   Newsmax   American news/opinion website
   Newswire   press release distribution platform
   Newswise   newswire/press release distribution service

   PR Fire   press release distribution service
   PR Newswire   press release distribution network
   prMac   press release distribution service
   PRWeb   online press release distribution service
   Rappler   news website in Philippines
   Rasmussen Reports   American public opinion polling information
   Release-News   online news submission/press release distribution service
   ResearchSEA   Asia research news
   Reuters UK   business/financial news
   Standard Newswire   press release distributor
   The Citizen Daily   world news
   The Daily Beast   news/opinion website
   The Daily Caller   conservative American news
   WebWire   press release distribution services
   WorldPressOnline   press release distribution services

   Zougla   Greece news