ACA   Adult Children of Alcoholics
   Al-Anon   support group for family/friends of alcoholics   Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand
   Alcoholics Anonymous   alcoholism
   Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain   alcoholism   amphetamine addiction
   ASAM   addiction medicine professional society
   CAMH   psychiatric teaching hospital
   Celebrate Recovery   Christ centered recovery program
   CESAR   substance abuse research   chest medicine
   Clearview Treatment   addiction/mental health treatment center
   CRC Health   addiction/behavioral health treatment services
   DEA   U.S. federal law enforcement agency
   Drug Policy Alliance   drug policies   partnership for drug-free kids   mental illness/substance use disorder
   Exchange Supplies   drug information/injecting equipment
   Hazelden Betty Ford   addiction treatment center
   Inspire Malibu   alcohol/drug rehab center
   Lakeview Health   alcohol/drug rehab center
   Los Angeles AA   alcoholism
   Marijuana Anonymous   marijuana addiction
   Michael’s House   addiction/mental health treatment
   NAADAC   addiction professional association
   Narcotics Anonymous   substance abuse
   Narcotics Anonymous UK   substance abuse
   NetAddiction   internet addiction
   NIAAA   behavioral/biomedical research on alcoholism
   NIDA   addiction science

   NIDA for Teens   drug information for teens
   NY Inter-Group   alcoholism   alcohol/drug rehabilitation
   Psychemedics   tests for drugs of abuse
   Pyramid Healthcare   rehabilitation center
   Quit Victoria   tobacco smoking
   Recovery First   substance abuse treatment facility   drunk driving/underage drinking
   RVH   Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre
   SMART Recovery   self-help addiction recovery   smoking
   SoberRecovery   addiction treatment resources   smoking
   The Refuge   addictions/PTSD resolution
   The Right Step   alcohol/drug treatment program in Texas

   Tobacco Control   tobacco use
   truth   nonprofit tobacco control organization
   Union Gospel Mission   addiction/homelessness   internet addiction
   WhyQuit   smoking

Top 50 Business websites

   Microsoft Office   online business resource
   PayPal   online payment service
   ESPN   sports news network
   Chase   banking/financial services
   Indeed   job search engine
   Shutterstock   stock footage/music/photography
   Alibaba   online shopping
   Zillow   online real estate database
   Scribd   digital documents library
   Bank of America   financial services/investment banking
   Wells Fargo   banking/financial services/insurance
   Forbes   American business magazine
   Yahoo Finance   financial news
   Behance   discover/showcase creative work
   HDFC Bank   banking/financial services

   American Express   banking/financial services
   Samsung   appliances/electronics
   Capital One   banking/financial services
   Skype   internet video/voice service
   Business Insider   business/technology news site
   Springer   medicine/science/technology publishing company
   UPS   package delivery/supply chain management company
   FedEx   courier delivery services company
   Target   general merchandise retailer
   Wiley   academic publishing/instructional materials
   ADP   national payroll/payroll tax processing service
   IRS   U.S. tax collection/tax law enforcement
   ICICI Bank   banking/financial services
   Wiley Online Library   health/life/physical science resources   financial information

   Bloomberg   news agency
   Webex   online meeting/web conferencing/webinar
   Fidelity Investments   financial services
   Merriam-Webster   online dictionary
   The Wall Street Journal   U.S. business-focused newspaper
   Eventbrite   event management/ticketing website
   Reuters   international news organization
   AT&T   telecommunications company
   H&M   clothing-retail company
   The Economic Times   India’s financial newspaper
   Discover   financial services
   Investopedia   finance/Investing education site
   Intel   technology company
   TD Bank   financial services
   Costco   retail store

   Cisco   networking hardware/telecommunications equipment   real estate listings website
   Verizon Wireless   telecommunications company
   New York Post   daily newspaper
   ZARA   accessories/clothing retailer

Top 50 Computers websites

   Google   web search engine
   YouTube   video hosting service
   Facebook   social networking service
   Gmail   web-based email service
   Google Docs   word processor
   Yahoo   web portal
   Twitter   online news/social networking service
   English Wikipedia   encyclopedia
   LinkedIn   business/employment-oriented service
   Yahoo Search   web search engine
   Microsoft   technology company
   Yahoo Mail   email service
   Bing   search engine
   GitHub   software development platform
   Stack Overflow   computer programming knowledge market

   WordPress   blog software
   Microsoft Office   online business resource
   MSN   web portal
   PayPal   online payment service
   Imgur   visual storytelling community
   Apple   technology company
   Adobe   creativity/digital marketing/multimedia software
   Pinterest   visual discovery tool
   Tumblr   blog hosting platform
   Dropbox   cloud storage service
   Google Play   app store/digital distribution
   SoundCloud   internet community/music streaming
   Salesforce   customer relationship management services
   Vimeo   video hosting service   question answering site

   Mozilla   open-source software
   MediaFire   file hosting service
   Google Plus   social networking service
   SlideShare   slide hosting service
   GoDaddy   domain registrations/hosting services
   Intuit   accounting/financial/tax preparation software
   Blogger   weblog publishing tool
   Microsoft Support   Microsoft product support
   CNET   technology news
   DuckDuckGo   web search engine
   MEGA   cloud storage/file hosting service
   Trello   project management software
   wikiHow   how-to instructions
   Scribd   digital documents library
   LiveJournal   Russian blog hosting site

   Speedtest   internet speed test
   Internet Archive   digital library
   Shopify   E-commerce platform
   FANDOM   Wiki hosting service
   Zendesk   customer service software

Top 50 Games websites

   Twitch   video game live streaming
   Roblox   game creation system/massively multiplayer online game
   Steam   digital distribution platform
   Electronic Arts   video game company
   GameSpot   video game journalism
   IGN   media journalism/video game
   PlayStation   video game console
   League of Legends   multiplayer online battle arena video game
   Epic Games   video game developer
   Nexus Mods   mods for PC games   internet chess server/social media website
   Wowhead   World of Warcraft database   online gaming/social networking platform
   Nvidia   graphics processing units manufacturer
   Ubisoft   video game company

   Nintendo   consumer electronics/video game company
   Xbox   video game console
   Unity   game development tool
   PC Gamer   PC games magazine
   Blizzard Entertainment   video game developer/publisher
   Eurogamer   video game journalism
   Minecraft   sandbox/survival game
   BoardGameGeek   board game forum/tabletop game database
   Wizards of the Coast   collectible card/role-playing games
   Kongregate   online gaming website
   Sporcle   trivia quiz website   indie video games
   Rockstar Games   video game publisher
   Icy Veins   resource for Blizzard Entertainment games
   Bulbagarden   Pokémon community/encyclopedia

   Miniclip   online games website
   Publishers Clearing House   online contests/sweepstakes site   vocabulary instruction
   EA Sports   sports video games
   The Sims Resource   Sims custom content site
   GamesRadar+   entertainment/video game website
   Square Enix   video game company
   Rock Paper Shotgun   video game blog
   Planet Minecraft   Minecraft community fansite
   WoWProgress   World of Warcraft rankings
   VG247   video game blog
   MTGGoldfish   Magic The Gathering Online price tracker
   RuneScape   fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game
   Minecraft Forum   Minecraft community forums
   Final Fantasy XIV   massively multiplayer online role-playing game

   Giant Bomb   video game website/wiki
   Rooster Teeth   entertainment/media company
   Hattrick   football management game
   MMO-Champion   World of Warcraft news/raiding strategies
   Bungie   video game developer

Top 50 Health websites

   National Institutes of Health   US biomedical research agency
   WebMD   healthcare information
   Mayo Clinic   academic medical center
   Psychology Today   psychology magazine
   MyFitnessPal   health informatics/physical fitness   national public health institute
   World Health Organization   international public health agency
   Verywell Health   health information
   Kaiser Permanente   American health care provider
   Medscape   medical information
   National Health Service   UK health information service
   MedlinePlus   US consumer health information
   The BMJ   medical journal   drug information
   Men’s Health   men’s lifestyle magazine

   Verywell Mind   mental health information
   American Psychological Association   psychology organization
   Food and Drug Administration   US consumer protection agency
   Medscape eMedicine   medical reference textbook directory
   SELF Magazine   women’s health magazine
   WW (Weight Watchers)   weight loss/wellness help
   Mercola   health information articles
   KidsHealth   children’s health information
   Cleveland Clinic   academic medical center
   Verywell Fit   fitness/nutrition information
   American Heart Association   heart disease/stroke information
   MedicineNet   health/medical information
   San Diego State University   public research university   women’s health magazine
   Healthgrades   hospitals/physicians information

   RxList   US prescription drug information
   American Cancer Society   cancer organization
   Fragrantica   perfume encyclopedia/forum/news
   Zocdoc   medical care appointment booking service
   The New England Journal of Medicine   medical journal
   American Academy of Family Physicians   family medicine organization   clinical trials database
   National Cancer Institute   cancer information   doctor ratings/reviews
   NIDDK   diabetes/digestive/kidney diseases research
   Johns Hopkins Medicine   biomedical research/patient care
   Planned Parenthood   reproductive health care
   National Institute of Mental Health   mental disorder research
   Sharecare   health/wellness social media platform
   Express Scripts   pharmacy benefit management organization

   The Lancet   UK medical journal
   GoodRx   US prescription prices
   Tehran University of Medical Sciences   medical university in Iran
   NIAMS   arthritis/musculoskeletal/skin diseases research
   Sutter Health   healthcare network in Northern California

Top 50 Home websites

   Yelp   local business search service
   Yahoo Finance   financial commentary/data/news
   IRS   US tax collection/law enforcement
   CNBC   business news
   The Verge   technology news
   Gizmodo   technology blog
   GSMArena   mobile phone news/reviews
   Engadget   technology blog
   Tom’s Hardware   computer hardware reviews
   Allrecipes   food-focused social networking service
   MarketWatch   financial news
   Instructables   user-generated projects/tutorials
   Tom’s Guide   technology product reviews
   Digital Trends   technology news
   The Motley Fool   financial advisory services

   Trustpilot   consumer review website
   DPReview   digital camera reviews
   BabyCenter   parenting/pregnancy resource
   Kelley Blue Book   new/used vehicle information
   Bureau of Consular Affairs   US passport/visa service
   Edmunds   new/used vehicle information
   HGTV   home decorating/remodeling
   The Kitchn   food magazine
   Social Security Administration   US social security
   Fixya   consumer product Q&A community
   Consumer Reports   product ratings/reviews
   CARFAX   vehicle history information
   The Spruce Eats   cooking tutorials/recipes
   BBB   consumer protection/industry self-regulation
   The Spruce   home design ideas

   Bankrate   consumer financial services
   Mint   personal financial management service
   Bon Appetit   food magazine
   BGR   technology news
   Trusted Reviews   technology news/reviews
   OpenDNS   internet filtering/phishing protection
   Good Housekeeping   home economics/women’s interest magazine
   CNN Business   business news
   Lifehack   adaptable/practical knowledge
   Apartment Therapy   interior design blog
   Wonder How To   instructional video guide
   Epicurious   food writing website   US health insurance marketplace
   PhoneArena   mobile technology news/reviews
   Food & Wine Magazine   recipe/wine review magazine

   Better Homes and Gardens   home economics/interior design   child/pet/senior care provider search
   SeatGuru   airplane seating/in-flight amenities source
   eHow   online how-to guide   parenting magazine

Top 50 Kids and Teens websites

   Google Translate   machine translation service
   Electronic Arts   video game company
   Reverso   online dictionaries/translation
   Weebly   web hosting service   antonym/synonym search
   Khan Academy   online courses/lessons/practice
   League of Legends   multiplayer online battle arena video game
   ESPNcricinfo   Cricket news
   Epic Games   video game company   online gaming/social networking platform   calendars/countdown counters/world clock
   Encyclopedia Britannica   general knowledge encyclopedia
   Ubisoft   video game company
   XE   foreign exchange services/tools
   Nintendo   video game company

   Xbox   video game console
   Android Developers   Android application/game development
   Scratch   visual programming language
   Blizzard Entertainment   video game developer/publisher
   Y8 Games   online games/videos
   Citation Machine   citation tool
   HISTORY   history-based digital cable/satellite television network
   HowStuffWorks   infotainment website
   CSS-Tricks   web design articles/videos
   Bureau of Meteorology   Australia’s weather forecasts/radar
   Codecademy   coding lessons
   Bulbagarden   Pokémon community/encyclopedia
   EasyBib   bibliography generator
   EA Sports   sports video games
   SitePoint   web development books/courses/tutorials

   Square Enix   video game company   Mathematics games/lessons/puzzles
   Lego   construction toy
   Raspberry Pi   single-board computers
   ScienceDaily   science articles/news
   Font Squirrel   fonts
   RhymeZone   definitions/rhymes/synonyms search
   The Irish Times   Ireland news
   GoComics   comic strips   astronomy/space news   biographies
   Bartleby   homework help/textbook solutions
   Free Application for Federal Student Aid   US student financial aid
   Bungie   video game developer
   PBS KIDS   educational games/videos

   Mathway   math problem solver
   The Student Room   UK student community
   ABCya!   educational children games
   Bethesda   video game publisher
   KidsHealth   children’s health information

Top 50 News websites

   Reddit   social news aggregation
   Google News   news aggregator
   CNN   news website
   The New York Times   news website
   The Guardian   news website
   The Weather Channel   weather forecast
   Indiatimes   infotainment/news
   Yahoo News   news website
   Shutterstock   stock footage/music/photography
   Fox News   news website
   Washington Post   news website
   Forbes   business magazine
   AccuWeather   weather forecasting
   The Times of India   India news
   HuffPost   news/opinion website

   USA Today   news website
   Weather Underground   weather forecasting
   Bloomberg   business/financial news
   CNBC   business news
   The Wall Street Journal   business/financial news
   Reuters   business/financial news
   The Economic Times   India’s financial newspaper
   Drudge Report   news aggregator
   NBC News   news website
   National Weather Service   weather forecast   Australia news   Houston news
   U.S. News & World Report   news/rankings website
   New York Post   news website
   The Indian Express   India news

   China Daily   China news
   The Hill   American political news
   CBSN   news website
   Deutsche Welle   Germany news
   The Hindu   India news
   TIME   news website
   ABC News   news website
   SFGATE   San Francisco Bay Area news
   The Daily Beast   news/opinion website
   Variety   entertainment trade magazine
   Los Angeles Times   Los Angeles news
   National Geographic   geography/nature/science magazine
   Yr   weather forecasting
   Hollywood Reporter   entertainment news
   Newsweek   news website

   Hindustan Times   India news
   The Atlantic   foreign affairs/literature/political science magazine
   Euronews   Europe news
   The Sydney Morning Herald   Australia news
   NewsNow   UK news aggregator

Top 50 Recreation websites   travel fare aggregator/metasearch engine
   TripAdvisor   restaurant/travel website
   9GAG   entertainment/social media website
   Expedia   travel booking website   hotel booking service
   Agoda   hotels/resorts reservations
   Marriott   hotels/resorts
   Southwest Airlines   airlines information/reservations/schedules   travel fare aggregator/metasearch engine
   Delta Air Lines   flight itineraries/reservations/schedules
   XE   foreign exchange services/tools
   Zomato   restaurant discovery/search service
   Uber   ridesharing company
   Ryanair   flight reservations/schedules
   American Airlines   flight fares/schedules

   United Airlines   flight reservations
   All Nippon Airways   flight reservations/schedules
   Flightradar24   global flight tracking service
   Hilton   hotel locator/online reservations
   Japan Airlines   flight destination/reservation/schedule
   Emirates   flight booking
   OpenTable   restaurant reservation service
   VRBO   vacation rental site
   Grubhub   online food ordering
   EasyJet   flight/hotel/rental car booking
   Time Out   culture/entertainment/events guide magazine
   Priceline   cruise/flights/hotels/rental cars discounts
   Qatar Airways   flight booking
   Skyscanner   travel fare aggregator/metasearch engine
   Jalopnik   automotive culture/car news

   Bureau of Consular Affairs   US passport/visa service
   Lego   construction toy
   Cracked   entertainment/humor website
   British Airways   flight/hotel/rental car booking
   Alaska Airlines   flight/hotel/rental car booking
   Lonely Planet   travel guides/information
   Ford   automobiles/commercial vehicles
   Orbitz   travel fare aggregator/metasearch engine
   Aeroflot   flight/hotel/rental car booking
   Lufthansa   flight/hotel/rental car booking
   TripSavvy   travel information website
   Library of Congress   research library
   Turkish Airlines   flight booking
   Walt Disney World   resorts/theme parks
   AccorHotels   hotel booking

   Couchsurfing   hospitality/social networking service
   Travelocity   cruise/flight/hotel/rental car booking
   Hostelworld   hostel booking
   Hyatt   hotel reservations
   eBaum’s World   entertainment/humor website

Top 50 Reference websites

   Stack Overflow   computer programming Q&A website
   National Library of Medicine   medical library
   Udemy   online learning/teaching marketplace
   Internet Archive   digital library
   Yahoo Answers   knowledge market
   Blackboard   educational technology   antonym/synonym search   online translation dictionary
   Goodreads   book recommendations
   Cambridge University Press   academic publishing house
   Wiktionary   lexical database in every language
   Cambridge Dictionary   online dictionary
   Massachusetts Institute of Technology   research university
   Elsevier   medical/scientific/technical information
   Urban Dictionary   slang words dictionary

   Merriam-Webster   online dictionary   encyclopedia/online dictionary
   Coursera   online learning platform
   Investopedia   finance/investment education website
   Harvard University   research university
   Encyclopedia Britannica   general knowledge encyclopedia
   Stanford University   research university
   English Wiktionary   English language dictionary
   U.S. Department of Education   US education
   ThoughtCo   education resource
   University of California, Berkeley   research university
   SpanishDict   Spanish translation website
   Oxford University Press   academic publishing house
   edX   online university-level courses
   Pennsylvania State University   research university

   Purdue University   research university
   Pearson eCollege   internet courses/degrees
   University of Michigan   research university
   Cornell University   research university
   Turnitin   plagiarism detection service
   Citation Machine   citation tool
   University of Wisconsin–Madison   research university   online dictionary
   Oxford Dictionaries   online dictionary
   University of California, Los Angeles   research university
   University of Texas at Austin   research university
   EBSCO Information Services   library resources
   University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign   research university
   Columbia University   research university
   University of Washington   research university   English-German/multilingual online dictionary
   University of Toronto   research university
   Whitepages   online directory services
   New York University   research university   knowledge market

Top 50 Regional websites

   Google   web search engine
   Yahoo   web portal
   Amazon   E-commerce   Google India
   Microsoft   technology company   Amazon Japan
   Apple   technology company
   Adobe   creativity/digital marketing/multimedia software   Amazon UK   Google UK
   BBC   news website
   The New York Times   news website
   National Institutes of Health   US biomedical/public health research
   Chase   banking/financial services
   The Guardian   news website

   National Library of Medicine   medical library   eBay UK
   Flipkart   E-commerce
   The Weather Channel   weather forecast
   Indiatimes   infotainment/news
   Walmart   retail store
   Alibaba   online shopping
   Zillow   online real estate database
   Daily Mail   entertainment/news/sport website
   Bank of America   financial services/investment banking   Google Australia
   Wells Fargo   banking/financial services/insurance
   Electronic Arts   video game company
   IKEA   furniture retail store
   TripAdvisor   restaurant/travel website

   bet365   online betting/gaming   Amazon Canada
   RT   news website
   Best Buy   consumer electronics retail store
   XFINITY   cable television/internet/telephone/wireless services
   United States Postal Service   postal service in US
   Hewlett-Packard   technology company
   ASOS   online cosmetic/fashion retailer
   AOL   web portal
   AccuWeather   weather forecasting
   Cambridge University Press   academic publishing house
   American Express   banking/financial services
   Samsung   appliances/electronics
   Oracle   cloud computing/enterprise software
   The Home Depot   home improvement supplies

   IRCTC   electronic ticketing system in India
   NDTV   India news
   UPS   package delivery/supply chain management company
   FedEx   courier delivery services company
   ESPNcricinfo   Cricket news

Top 50 Science websites

   Google Translate   machine translation service
   ResearchGate   social networking site for scientists
   NCBI   biomedical/genomic information
   ScienceDirect   medical/scientific research database
   Reverso   online dictionary/translation
   Elsevier   medical/scientific/technical information
   Urban Dictionary   slang words dictionary
   CoinMarketCap   cryptocurrency market capitalizations
   Autodesk   3D design/engineering/entertainment software
   IEEE   computing/engineering/technology information
   Duolingo   language-learning platform   calendars/countdown counters/world clock
   Nature   science journal
   National Weather Service   weather forecast
   Mayo Clinic   clinical education/practice/research institution

   MathWorks   mathematical computing software
   arXiv   e-print archive
   TED   idea sharing talks
   JSTOR   digital library
   University of California, Berkeley   research university
   Symbolab   equation search/math solver
   National Geographic   geography/nature/science magazine
   American Chemical Society   chemistry professional organization
   HowStuffWorks   infotainment website
   University of Colorado Boulder   research university
   NOAA   Earth’s environment
   Indian Institute of Technology Madras   engineering institute
   Desmos   online graphing calculator
   Bureau of Meteorology   Australia’s weather forecasts/radar
   Science Magazine   scientific commentary/news/research

   23andMe   DNA genetic analysis/testing
   Royal Society of Chemistry   chemistry organization
   Live Science   science news website
   JMA   hydrology/meteorology/seismology/volcanology research
   The Economist   business/international politics news
   FAO   agricultural information links/resources
   ScienceDaily   environment/health/science/technology news
   Wolfram   computational technology company
   MDPI   scientific/technical journals
   USGS   biology/geography/geology/hydrology research
   USDA   US agricultural organization
   BioMed Central   biology/medicine journal
   National Park Service   US national monuments/parks information
   PLOS   medical/science articles   astronomy/space news

   Thermo Fisher Scientific   laboratory equipment manufacturer
   American Physical Society   physics organization
   Hindawi   medical/scientific/technical literature
   Scientific American   popular science magazine
   Institute of Physics   physics application/education/research

Top 50 Shopping websites

   Amazon   E-commerce
   Netflix   streaming media/video on demand
   eBay   E-commerce   Amazon UK
   Etsy   handmade/vintage items E-commerce
   Steam   digital distribution platform
   Walmart   retail store
   IKEA   furniture retail store
   Best Buy   consumer electronics retail store
   Cambridge University Press   academic publishing house
   The Home Depot   home improvement supplies
   Nike   accessories/apparel/sports equipment
   Target   general merchandise retailer
   Wiley   academic publishing/instructional materials
   Humble Bundle   video game store

   Newegg   computer hardware/consumer electronics retailer
   H&M   clothing-retail company
   Costco   retail store
   Macy’s   department store
   B&H Photo Video   photo/video equipment retailer
   Groupon   online deal marketplace
   Wayfair   home goods E-commerce
   Ticketmaster   live entertainment ticket distribution/sales
   Nordstrom   department store
   Lowe’s   home improvement appliances/equipment/products
   iHerb   nutritional supplements/wellness products
   Oxford University Press   academic publishing house
   Rakuten   E-commerce
   Kohl’s   department store
   Sephora   beauty/cosmetics

   CarGurus   automotive research/shopping   bodybuilding/dietary/sports supplements
   Redbubble   online marketplace for artists
   Gap   accessories/clothing retailer
   Sky   British telecommunications company
   Autotrader   automotive marketplace
   Zappos   online clothing/shoe retailer
   YOOX   art/design/fashion store
   REI   outdoor gear/sporting goods
   Walgreens   pharmacy store
   Urban Outfitters   accessories/clothing retailer
   GameStop   consumer electronics/video game retailer   automotive marketplace
   Overstock   online retailer
   Barnes & Noble   online bookstore

   DirecTV   satellite television service
   iFixit   repair manual
   Shutterfly   image-publishing services
   Staples   office supplies
   CVS   retail pharmacy

Top 50 Society websites

   National Institutes of Health   US biomedical research agency
   Yahoo Answers   knowledge market
   Patreon   business tools for artists/entrepreneurs/freelancers
   McAfee WebAdvisor   website safety rating
   IRS   US tax collection/law enforcement
   Jehovah’s Witnesses   Jehovah’s Witnesses website
   Europa   European Union website
   Bible Gateway   searchable online Bible
   Japan Post Service   postal service in Japan
   U.S. Department of State   US State Department website
   Ancestry   genealogy website
   Correios   postal service in Brazil   petition website
   European Commission   European Commission website
   Cosmopolitan   women’s fashion magazine   Mormon website
   WHO   international public health organization
   United Nations   United Nations website
   College Board   college admissions/sat/school search   online dating service
   Thrillist   drink/food/travel media website
   Digg   news aggregator   online memorials
   Bible Hub   Bible website
   Esquire   men’s magazine
   The Knot   wedding planning website
   World Bank   international financial institution
   Snopes   fact-checking website
   Social Security Administration   US social security
   Slate   culture/current affairs/politics magazine

   FamilySearch   genealogy organization
   FAO   agricultural information links/resources
   Complex   entertainment/news/pop culture magazine
   Jezebel   culture/gender/politics blog
   InfoWars   conspiracy theory/fake news website
   Royal Mail   postal service in UK   Bible website
   Sulekha   local services in India
   Soompi   Korean pop culture news
   BBB   consumer protection/industry self-regulation
   PLOS   medical/science articles
   U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs   US Veterans Affairs website
   GQ   men’s magazine   biographies
   Companies House   UK’s registrar of companies

   hi5   social networking service
   Australia Post   postal service in Australia
   USPTO   intellectual property policy/protection
   Men’s Health   men’s lifestyle magazine
   Salon   news/opinion website

Top 50 Sports websites

   ESPN   sports news network
   CricBuzz   Cricket news
   ESPNcricinfo   Cricket news
   LiveScore   live football (soccer) scores/live sports scores
   NBA   North American basketball league
   Yahoo Sports   sports news   football (soccer) news
   Bleacher Report   sport/sports culture website
   CBS Sports   sports news
   Premier League   English football (soccer) league   live football (soccer) scores/live sports scores
   Sky Sports   sports news
   Strava   cycling/running tracking mobile application
   NHL   North American hockey league
   NFL   American football league

   NBC Sports   sports news
   REI   outdoor gear/sporting goods
   FilGoal   Egyptian football (soccer) news
   Basketball Reference   basketball history/statistics
   WWE   professional wrestling/sports entertainment
   SB Nation   sports news
   Sports Illustrated   sports news
   Deadspin   sports commentary/news
   Rotoworld   fantasy sports analysis/news
   Soccerway   live football (soccer) scores
   Hong Kong Jockey Club   horse racing organization in Hong Kong
   Rivals   US sports recruiting information
   TSN   sports news   motor racing news   Cristiano Ronaldo fansite

   Sherdog   mixed martial arts news   football (soccer) live scores/statistics
   MaxPreps   American high school sports database
   Hattrick   football (soccer) management game
   Baseball Reference   Major League Baseball statistics
   Football365   football (soccer) news
   Australian Open   tennis tournament
   Sporting News   sports news
   PGA Tour   professional golf tour
   FOX Sports   sports news   National Football League news/rumor   races/recreational activities/team sports register
   Eurosport   sports news
   MMA Fighting   mixed martial arts news
   Pro Football Reference   American football history/statistics

   UEFA   European football (soccer) organization
   Soccerstand   live football (soccer) scores/live sports scores
   Pinkbike   mountain biking news
   UFC   mixed martial arts promotion
   Formula 1   auto racing