ACA   Adult Children of Alcoholics
   Al-Anon   support group for family/friends of alcoholics   Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand
   Alcoholics Anonymous   alcoholism
   Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain   alcoholism   amphetamine addiction
   ASAM   addiction medicine professional society
   CAMH   psychiatric teaching hospital
   Celebrate Recovery   Christ centered recovery program
   CESAR   substance abuse research   chest medicine
   Clearview Treatment   addiction/mental health treatment center
   CRC Health   addiction/behavioral health treatment services
   DEA   U.S. federal law enforcement agency
   Drug Policy Alliance   drug policies   partnership for drug-free kids   mental illness/substance use disorder
   Exchange Supplies   drug information/injecting equipment
   Hazelden Betty Ford   addiction treatment center
   Inspire Malibu   alcohol/drug rehab center
   Lakeview Health   alcohol/drug rehab center
   Los Angeles AA   alcoholism
   Marijuana Anonymous   marijuana addiction
   Michael’s House   addiction/mental health treatment
   NAADAC   addiction professional association
   Narcotics Anonymous   substance abuse
   Narcotics Anonymous UK   substance abuse
   NetAddiction   internet addiction
   NIAAA   behavioral/biomedical research on alcoholism
   NIDA   addiction science

   NIDA for Teens   drug information for teens
   NY Inter-Group   alcoholism   alcohol/drug rehabilitation
   Psychemedics   tests for drugs of abuse
   Pyramid Healthcare   rehabilitation center
   Quit Victoria   tobacco smoking
   Recovery First   substance abuse treatment facility   drunk driving/underage drinking
   RVH   Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre
   SMART Recovery   self-help addiction recovery   smoking
   SoberRecovery   addiction treatment resources   smoking
   The Refuge   addictions/PTSD resolution
   The Right Step   alcohol/drug treatment program in Texas

   Tobacco Control   tobacco use
   truth   nonprofit tobacco control organization
   Union Gospel Mission   addiction/homelessness   internet addiction
   WhyQuit   smoking


   Aging and Disease   age-related disease/aging research articles   biomedical search engine
   ARC   Aging Research Centre
   BLS   British Longevity Society
   Brookdale   Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging
   Buck   age-related disease research institute
   California Age Management   anti-aging center
   Fight Aging!   longevity advocacy/science
   Ghaly Center   regenerative medicine
   GRG   Gerontology Research Group
   GSA   gerontology education/research organization
   HCOA   BCM Huffington Center on Aging
   Healthy Aging   lifestyle information magazine
   IARP   International Aging Research Portfolio
   Info Aging   anti-aging/skin care information

   Innovita Research   immunology/regenerative medicine research
   IOA   UW–Madison Institute on Aging
   IOG   WSU Institute of Gerontology
   Lee-Benner Institute   anti-aging guide
   Longevity Science   human longevity studies
   Naples Longevity Clinic   anti-aging medicine
   NIA   National Institute on Aging   mental health clinic
   PhysioAge   age management clinic
   SAGE KE   Science of Aging Knowledge Environment   aging/gerontology information
   SENS   regenerative medical research foundation
   SVHI   Silicon Valley Health Institute
   WeeksMD   Dr. Bradford Weeks’ medical blog
   WellMax   medical/preventive/wellness services


   ABMP   Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
   ACA   American Chiropractic Association
   ACHS   online holistic health college
   AMTA   American Massage Therapy Association
   AromaWeb   aromatherapy/essential oil resource
   Baseline of Health   natural health news/remedies
   Bastyr University   alternative medicine university   spirit healer Bruno Gröning’s followers
   Caroline Myss   energy healing/training
   CCNM   Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
   CDA   California Dental Association
   CMCC   Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College   blood type diet guidance/information
   Dr Batra’s   homeopathic medicine/treatment
   DrHomeo   homeopathy blog

   Earth Clinic   natural remedies
   Gerson Institute   Gerson Therapy education/training
   HES   homeopathic resource center
   HMI   HeartMath Institute
   Hpathy   homeopathy resource
   Hypnosis Motivation Institute   hypnosis training college
   ICF   International Coach Federation
   ICRT   International Center for Reiki Training
   Jiva Ayurveda   Ayurvedic products/treatment
   Life University   chiropractic/holistic health university
   Massage Envy   massage/skin care services   massage networking site
   Mercola   health information articles
   Mindful   mindfulness-based community/practices
   Natural Healers   natural health career/education information

   NCCAOM   National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
   Nicolai Levashov   psychotronic healer Nicolai Levashov’s website
   NYCC   New York Chiropractic College
   Omega   holistic learning center
   Palmer College of Chiropractic   chiropractic college
   Parker University   health care education
   PCOM   Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
   Plum Publications   martial arts articles/books/tapes
   Plum Village   mindfulness practice centre
   Quackwatch   alternative medicine watchdog website   Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
   SCU   Southern California University of Health Sciences
   The Ayurvedic Institute   Ayurveda school   American author/speaker Byron Katie’s website
   Tony Robbins   life success coach Tony Robbins’ website

   Top 10 Home Remedies   alternative medicine/natural health resource
   WDDTY   natural health news
   Weil   information on integrative medicine
   Yin Yang House   acupuncture/Chinese medicine information
   YourCoach   branding/coaching/training services in Belgium