Board Games   chess games database
   American Go Association   Go association in US
   Anagrammer   Scrabble word finder   Axis & Allies community
   Backgammon Galore   Backgammon
   BoardGameGeek   board game database/forum
   Catan   multiplayer board game
   Chess Corner   online chess club
   Chess Corner   online chess club
   Chess Tempo   chess tactics training
   Chess Variant Pages   Chess variant
   Chess Videos TV   chess video site   internet chess server
   ChessBase   chess news
   ChessBomb   live chess events

   Chessdom   chess news/live chess games   online chess community/database   chess opening theory
   Days of Wonder   board game publisher
   Dragon Go Server   Go server
   Exeter Chess Club   Chess club
   Expert Chess Strategies   chess strategies
   FMJD   World Draughts Federation
   FUMBBL   online Blood Bowl league
   GMT Games   wargame publisher   Go database   go problem resource
   Hasbro   board game/toy company
   Heroscapers   Heroscape community
   Hot Wheels   car games/toy cars

   ICCF   International Correspondence Chess Federation
   KGS Go Server   Go server
   Kid Chess   Chess for kids
   Lexical Word Finder   Scrabble/Words with Friends cheat
   New in Chess   chess magazine
   Pittsburgh Chess Club   Chess club
   Scrabble Word Finder   anagrammer/scrabble solver/word generator
   Scrabulizer   Scrabble analyzer/solver
   Sensei’s Library   Go information
   Sjeng   chess engine
   The Game Crafter   board/card game publishing   highlight
   The Phrontistery   obscure words/vocabulary resources
   The Week in Chess   chess news
   TheChessWorld   chess tips
   Turkish Chess Federation   Chess organization in Turkey

   US Chess   Chess organization in US
   WinEveryGame   Scrabble word finder
   Winning Moves Games   board/card game publisher
   WordSolver   Scrabble word finder
   Worldwide Scrabble   official Scrabble site

Card Games

   3 Card Brag   3 Card Brag information/tips   instructional guide for card games
   ABF   Australian Bridge Federation
   ACBL   American Contract Bridge League
   ACBL District 17   ACBL in Arizona/Colorado/New Mexico
   ACBL District 21   ACBL in Northern California/Nevada
   ACBL District 9   ACBL in Florida/Puerto Rico
   ACC   American Cribbage Congress
   Ace2Three   online Rummy card games
   Acol Bridge Club   bridge club in London   bridge information
   Bridge Blogging   bridge blog resource
   Bridge Club of Center City   bridge club In Philadelphia
   Bridge Guys   bridge conventions/links
   Bridge Today University   bridge courses

   Bridge Winners   bridge articles/news/problems
   Bridgebum   bridge articles/bidding conventions
   BridgeHands   bridge conventions/learning/play
   Bridgemate   bridge scoring system   bridge lessons/teaching materials
   BridgeWebs   websites for bridge clubs   professional bridge player Dan Neill’s website
   Brock House Society   seniors’ activity centre   card/dice/domino games rules
   Cuebid   bridge supplies/free club websites
   EBL   European Bridge League
   EBU   English Bridge Union   euchre information/links
   Great Bridge Links   card game links
   Harold Schogger   bridge courses

   HKCBA   Hong Kong Contract Bridge Association
   Jeff Goldsmith   bridge columns   bridge cruises/seminars
   LearnPlayWin   skill games rules/strategy
   No Fear Bridge   bridge learning website
   Pagat   card/tile game rules
   Pattaya Bridge Club   bridge club in Pattaya
   playBridge   bridge hand generator
   Professor Noggin’s   educational card games for kids   bridge player Richard Pavlicek’s website   rummy resources/rules
   SABF   South Australian Bridge Federation   sheepshead players’ association
   Solitaire Central   solitaire information site
   Solitaire Laboratory   solitaire descriptions/solutions

   The Bridge World   bridge magazine
   U.S. Games Systems   card games/tarot cards publisher
   USBF   United States Bridge Federation
   VBA   Victorian Bridge Association
   WBF   World Bridge Federation

Coin-Op   arcade game equipment dealer
   Arcade Belgium   arcade game news in Belgium
   Arcade Restoration Workshop   arcade game restoration
   ArcadeCab   MAME arcade cabinet construction plans
   Arcadeshop   classic gaming items
   Benchmark Games   coin-op/redemption game manufacturer
   Betson   vending/video games sales
   Birmingham Vending Company   coin-operated equipment distributor
   Dave & Buster’s   restaurant/video arcade   pinball machine information/repairs   coin-operated amusement machines store   programmable gaming hardware
   Game Room Guys   arcade games/pinball machines supplier
   GameWorks   bar/game venue   highlight
   Gaming History   coin-op/home games database

   Highway Entertainment   amusement machine/arcade game distributor in Australia
   IAAPA   International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
   ICE   arcade game manufacturer
   IFPA   International Flipper Pinball Association
   Imperial   billiard table manufacturer
   Incredible Technologies   casino/coin-operated video game manufacturer
   International Arcade Museum   coin-operated video game encyclopedia
   Internet Pinball Database   pinball machine encyclopedia   pinball boards/electronic parts
   LAI Games   amusement/arcade game manufacturer
   M&P Amusement   arcade games renter/seller
   Modern Pinball NYC   pinball parlour in NYC
   OCMA   Ohio Coin Machine Association
   PAPA   Professional & Amateur Pinball Association
   Pinball Arcade   pinball video game

   Pinball News   pinball news/reviews
   Pinball Nirvana   pinball forums/games
   PinFest   pinball show in Pennsylvania
   Pinside   pinball database/forum/market
   Primetime Amusements   arcade games renter/seller   arcade game parts retailer
   Raw Thrills   arcade game manufacturer
   RePlay Magazine   amusement machine magazine
   Sega Amusements   amusement arcade games
   Stern Pinball   pinball machine manufacturer   T-molding for arcade game
   Texas Showdown   fighting game tournament in Texas
   The Playdium Store   amusement equipment parts
   This Old Game   arcade artwork
   Ultimarc   arcade controls

   UNIS   amusement machine manufacturer
   VAS   arcade game/pinball machine retailer
   Vending Times   vending industry news
   Video Amusement   arcade game rental in California


   1d4Con   tabletop RPG convention
   AmberCon UK   Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game convention
   Ancient City Con   anime/gaming/sci-fi convention
   BPA   Boardgame Players Association
   CastleCon   board gaming convention
   CODCON   gaming convention
   DDWG   Devizes and District Wargames Group
   DieCon   adventure gaming convention
   Dragon Con   multi-media/popular culture convention
   Dragonmeet   tabletop gaming convention
   DunDraCon   RPG convention
   E3   trade show for computer/video games
   E3 Coverage   E3 press conferences/trailers/videos
   E3 Insider   Electronic Entertainment Expo source
   EGX   trade fair for video games

   Fire and Ice Convention   board/card game convention
   FlatCon   board/card game convention
   Gaelcon   board/card/war game convention
   Game Convention Central   game convention listing
   Gamehole Con   tabletop gaming convention
   Games Done Quick   video game speedrun charity marathon
   GameStorm   social/strategic game convention
   Gary Con   Gary Gygax convention
   GCOM Game Days   open gaming event
   Gen Con   tabletop-game convention
   Insomnia   gaming festival
   Justus Productions   tabletop gaming events
   KantCon   tabletop gaming convention
   KublaCon   hobby gaming convention
   LVL UP EXPO   anime convention/video game expo

   Madicon   sci-fi convention
   MEPACON   hobby gaming convention
   Mobicon   fantasy/gaming convention
   MomoCon   animation/comic/gaming convention
   Nexus Game Fair   multi-genre game convention
   Nuke-Con   board/card game convention
   Origins Game Fair   tabletop gaming convention
   PAX   gaming culture festivals
   PAX wiki   Penny Arcade Expo resource
   PortConMaine   anime/gaming convention
   Portland Retro Gaming Expo   classic video game convention
   Q-Con   anime/gaming convention
   Queen City Conquest   gaming convention
   South London Warlords   wargames club
   Strategicon   strategy game conventions

   TooManyGames   board/video game convention
   UK Games Expo   tabletop gaming expo   directory of video game conventions

Developers and Publishers

   ALBE PAVO   board game design studio
   Cardinal   board/card game developer
   Conceptual Math Media   math educational products
   Covenant   tabletop game retailer
   Goliath   board/card game distributor
   Guild of Blades   adventure game publisher
   Hasbro   board game/toy company
   ICE Webring   Iron Crown Enterprises webring
   Iron Crown   miniature/role-playing game company
   Kinetic Impulse   motion capture/control solutions
   Lucid Raven   card game publisher
   Mattel Games   board/card game developer
   Pair-of-Dice   board game developer
   Pangenre   party/role-playing/war game publisher
   PhilWeb   gaming technology provider

   Piatnik   board/card game company
   PyroMyth Games   family friendly games
   Van der Veer Games   board/card/mobile game developer
   Wizards of the Coast   fantasy/sci-fi game publisher
   Z-Man Games   board game company

Dice   dice games/instructions/products   Balut game/information
   Blisters   dice game
   Boggle Words   online Boggle solver   Boggle rules/variants
   BoLS Boardgames   Scrabble dictionary/word finder
   Cosmic Wimpout   dice game
   Dice Server   information about dice   dice collection
   dice-play   dice games/history/magic tricks
   Fill Or Bust!   card and dice game   online dice games
   SFR   dice game company
   The Yahtzee Page   Yahtzee museum/rules/strategy
   WBA   World Bunco Association   Yahtzee game rules

Gambling   online poker site   Asian handicap
   At The Races   horse racing channel
   bet365 Affiliates   affiliate programme
   bet-at-home   online gambling/sports betting
   Betfair   online betting
   Bodog   online gambling site
   calottery   lottery in California
   CardPlayer   poker source
   CardsChat   online poker forum
   Covers   info source for sports bettors
   Covers Contests   contests
   Expekt   online casino/gaming/poker/sports betting
   Florida Lottery   lottery in Florida
   FreeLotto   online sweepstakes

   Georgia Lottery   lottery in Georgia
   Illinois Lottery   lottery in Illinois
   Intertops   multiplayer poker/online casino/sportsbook
   Lottery Post   lottery players community
   LVSB   Las Vegas Sports Betting
   Mega Millions   lottery game
   MGM Resorts   casinos/resorts/shows
   Mr Green   online casino/sportsbook
   New York Lottery   lottery in New York
   Oddschecker   online betting odds comparison service   pools
   Officepools   fantasy sports
   OLG   Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation   sweepstakes directory
   Paddy Power   sports betting

   partypoker   poker site   online contests/sweepstakes site
   Pennsylvania Lottery   lottery in Pennsylvania
   PokerNews   poker information source   pool hosting service
   Racing and Sports   horse racing information   online sports pool management service
   SoccerPunter   football (soccer) analysis/predictions
   SoccerVista   football (soccer) betting
   Sportingbet   online gambling
   Sports Interaction   online sportsbook
   Texas Lottery   lottery in Texas   sports gaming information
   Virginia Lottery   lottery in Virginia
   weaktight   poker hand sharing website

   William Hill   online betting/gambling
   WinDrawWin   football (soccer) betting tips
   Wizard of Odds   guide to gambling games/online casinos   World Series of Poker

Game Studies

   Artificial Life Game   resources/studies of artificial life games
   Bill MacKenty   computer science educator Bill MacKenty’s website
   Blobs in Games   algorithms/math
   Celia Pearce & Friends   game designer Celia Pearce’s website   interactive critical networked artwork
   COSIGN conference   computational semiotics conference
   Deep Fun   game designer Bernie De Koven’s website
   DFC Intelligence   game industry research
   Ding! Gratz!   gaming news site   game research blog
   Eric Zimmerman   game designer Eric Zimmerman’s website
   Ethan Kennerly   game designer Ethan Kennerly’s website
   Game Eaters   video game blog
   Game Research   knowledge on computer games
   Game Studies   international journal of computer game research   Elliott Avedon Museum & Archive of Games
   Globaltimoto   indigenous games
   Intelligent Artifice   game/interactive entertainment blog
   ITU CCGR   ITU Center for Computer Games Research
   Jesper Juul   game researcher Jesper Juul’s website
   jill/txt   digital culture professor Jill Walker Rettberg’s blog
   Julian Dibbell   author/technology journalist Julian Dibbell’s website   new media scholar Lisbeth Klastrup’s research blog   UF digital scholarship librarian Laurie N. Taylor’s website
   Ludologica   weblog on game research/ludology
   Mary Flanagan   artist/writer Mary Flanagan’s website   MIT digital media professor Nick Montfort’s website   research scientist Nick Yee’s website
   Pemain Curmudgeon   video gaming blog
   Playability   graphic recording

   Popular Culture Gaming   game studies blog
   shinyspinning   OCAD assistant professor Cindy Poremba’s website
   Terra Nova   game studies blog
   The Designer’s Notebook   game design consultant/lecturer Ernest W. Adams’ website
   thinking with my fingers   ITU associate professor Torill Elvira Mortensen’s blog

Hand-Eye Coordination

   Beyblade   official Beyblade website
   Board Games B4TV   information about board/card games   carrom   crokinole boards/parts
   Crokinolegame   crokinole accessories/boards
   ETwA   English Tiddlywinks Association
   Köstritzer Schwarzmurmler   German marble site   marbles
   NATwA   North American Tiddlywinks Association
   NMT   National Marbles Tournament
   Speed Stacks   sport stacking   table skittles
   WCC   World Crokinole Championship