ACM SIGACT   theoretical computer science
   Algorithms Archive   algorithms list
   Algorithms Project   algorithms/computer algebra   computer programming algorithms directory
   Asilomar   computers/signals/systems conference
   CAN   finance/mathematics/statistics software
   Canterbury Corpus   lossless compression   algorithms/combinatorics/graph theory
   ComScire   true random number generators   data compression   data compression resource
   DNA Group   DNA and Natural Algorithms Group
   Hacker’s Delight   programming tricks
   Imai Laboratory   information science
   ISSAC   International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation

   Jean-loup Gailly   data compression
   JGAA   Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications
   Jürgen Abel   lossless data compression
   Komputeralgebra Tanszék   computer algebra
   Michelle Effros   electrical engineering
   Opsis   binary search tree algorithms
   ORCCA   Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra   true random number service
   RISC   Research Institute for Symbolic Computation   sorting algorithm
   SCG   Symbolic Computation Group
   Sequitur   recursive algorithm
   SIGSAM   computer algebra organization   nearest neighbors/similarity search
   SIPI   Signal and Image Processing Institute   stringology
   Suggest Trees   data structure for efficient autocomplete
   Tata   Tree Automata Techniques and Applications
   Vcodex   video coding/streaming technology
   VIP Lab   Video and Image Processing Lab
   WADS   algorithms/data structures symposium
   WAFR   Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics
   WASA   adaptative search algorithm

Artificial Intelligence

   AAAI   Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
   ACL   Association for Computational Linguistics
   AI Group   UCSD Artificial Intelligence Group
   AIAI   Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute
   AIC   SRI International’s Artificial Intelligence Center   artificial intelligence/game development
   aiHit   company database
   Altredo   fintech software company
   AUAI   Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
   BlueCat   enterprise level network security solutions
   Burning Glass   job market analytics software
   CAPTCHA   challenge–response authentication   chatbot community
   CIS   Laboratory of Computer and Information Science
   CMU SCS   Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science

   Cognex   machine vision systems manufacturer
   Cycorp   artificial intelligence platform
   Data Science Central   data science community
   DFKI   German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence
   GATE   General Architecture for Text Engineering
   GCNU   UCL Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit
   IJCAI   International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
   Intelligent Systems Division   NASA Intelligent Systems Division
   ITK   Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
   JAIR   Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
   JMLR   Journal of Machine Learning Research
   Jneurosci   neuroscience journal
   JSAI   Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
   Kaggle   data science/machine learning community
   Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence   science/technology blog

   MIT CSAIL   computer science research institute
   NeurIPS   Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems
   Neuroph   artificial neural network framework
   novomind   intelligent software for commerce/customer service
   NSSDCA   NASA Space Science Data Coordinated Archive
   Pandorabots   chatbot hosting service
   Personality Forge   artificial intelligence chatbot platform
   Peter Norvig   computer scientist Peter Norvig’s website
   Philippe Fournier-Viger   Philippe Fournier-Viger’s website
   QRG   NU Qualitative Reasoning Group
   Robotics Research Lab   USC Robotics Research Laboratory
   scikit-learn   machine learning library
   SfN   Society for Neuroscience
   TensorFlow   machine learning library
   Textkernel   machine intelligence for matching jobs/people

   Torch   deep/machine learning library
   Vision Lab   UMass Computer Vision Laboratory
   Whitestein   information technology company
   Yale Computer Science   Yale University Department of Computer Science
   Yann LeCun   computer scientist Yann LeCun’s website

Artificial Life

   AgentBuilder   intelligent agent building software
   Algorithmic Botany   biological modeling/visualization research group
   Alife   artificial life discussions/news/polls/software
   alife games   artificial life games developer
   Biomimicry 3.8   bio-inspired consultancy
   Biomimicry Institute   biomimicry organization
   Biota Institute   artificial life project
   Cafun   application for simulating complex systems   cellular automata
   Complex Computation Laboratory   nonprofit archive for bioinformatic resources
   Computelligence World   computational intelligence
   DDLab   discrete dynamical network research software
   Digital Poiesis   generative art tool based on Cellular Automata/L-Systems
   Dreamattic   internet projects incubator
   Electric Sheep   crowdsourced evolving art

   Game Theory 101   iterated prisoner’s dilemma game simulation
   glAnts   ant simulation game
   Golly   cellular automata simulation tool
   IAS-7   The 7th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems
   Imagination Engines Inc   creativity machine
   ISAB   International Society for Adaptive Behavior
   ISAL   International Society for Artificial Life
   ISIR   Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics
   Jeffrey Ventrella   interactive software works
   Kandid   genetic art project
   Logic Systems Laboratory   bio-inspired computing/robots research
   Lotus Artificial Life   java applications related to artificial life
   mimetics   interactive artworks   cellular automata/palm software/windows freeware
   Moshe Sipper   introduction to alife/cellular automata/complex adaptive systems

   NetPlay Software   cellular automata software
   Particle Swarm Central   particle swarm links   information on Conway’s Game of Life
   Physis   platform for digital evolution
   Ps-i   environment for running agent-based simulations
   PSO TOOLBOX   particle swarm toolbox
   Quantum Flux   Virtual Intelligence Matrix
   Richard Lenski   experimental evolution
   Software Agents Group   software agent research group   Swarm Development Group wiki   swarm intelligence technique
   The Prisoner’s Dilemma   prisoner’s dilemma demonstration applet
   Tim Taylor   artificial intelligence/life researcher Tim Taylor’s website

Bulletin Board Systems

   Aspect Technologies   Virtual Advanced Bulletin Board System
   BBBS   Bulletin Board System
   BBS Archives   resource collection for BBS sysops
   BBS Xchange   BBS banner exchange
   BBS: The Documentary   BBS documentary film   Bulletin Board Systems   BBS number collection
   CIS Bulletin Board   Bulletin Board Service
   CNet Amiga Pro   Amiga BBS software
   cyber1   online preservation of PLATO system
   DDS   Doorware Distribution System
   Falcon BBS   Dutch Bulletin Board System
   Fidelio   Linux/Unix client for Hotline
   Fidonet Zone 1   FidoNet network in North America   worldwide computer network   IFDC FileGate Project
   Fire Escape’s BBS   Christian family BBS
   FTSC   FidoNet Technical Standards Committee
   GtkHx   Hotline client for Linux/Unix
   Hermes BBS   BBS package for Macintosh computers
   Higher Intellect   text file database
   Intelec   international BBS echomail network
   ISCABBS   Iowa Student Computing Alumni BBS
   MultiMail   offline mail packet reader
   Operator Headgap Systems   web BBS
   PhareRouge   GNU/Linux version of RedLight Variety Alpha
   S&M Software   Hotline client
   Santronics Software   BBS software
   Synchronet   open source BBS software
   SyncTERM   BBS terminal program

   SynHXD   open-source Hotline client/server
   TeleFinder   Macintosh-based Bulletin Board System
   Telnet BBS Guide   Dial-Up/Telnet BBS list
   UNCENSORED!   hobbyist Citadel BBS
   Williams Computer Services   personalized IT support
   WWIV   BBS software


   Alibre   3D CAD software
   Altair solidThinking   3D modeling/rendering software
   Altium   PCB design software/tools
   Aras   enterprise PLM software
   ArchiRADAR   BIM professional services
   AUGI   Autodesk User Group International
   Autodesk   3D design/engineering/entertainment software   highlight
   AutoDWG   DWG converter/viewer
   AVEVA   industrial software company
   Bentley   software development company   geometric calculation tools
   CAD Exchanger   3D CAD converter/viewer
   CAD fórum   CAD content/information/tools
   Cadalyst   CAD hardware/software reviews   CAD blocks collections

   CADdetails   BIM models/CAD drawings
   Cadence   EDA company   AutoCAD hatch patterns
   CADSoftTools   CAD software company
   CADTutor   AutoCAD articles/forums/tutorials   CAD block libraries
   Chief Architect   architectural home design software
   COE   community of experts of Dassault Systèmes solutions
   DAC   Design Automation Conference
   Dassault Systèmes   3D design/engineering software
   dimensionCAD   CAD block library
   EDACafe   EDA portal   online Mastercam source
   ESI   virtual prototyping software
   GRAPHISOFT   BIM/CAD software

   Mentor   EDA software
   NCSOFT   video game developer
   ODA   Open Design Alliance
   OpenCores   digital design engineering community portal
   OpenLayers   JavaScript library for dynamic maps
   PARTcommunity   3D CAD models
   progeSOFT   CAD software company
   Proteus   PCB design software
   PTC   computer software company
   RevitCity   Revit users resource center
   Romax Technology   driveline/gearbox design software
   Shapeways   3D printing service
   SketchUp   3D design software
   Solid Documents   PDF to Word converter
   SolidWorks   3D CAD design software

   Synopsys   EDA company
   Trace Software   industrial engineering software company
   TraceParts   3D CAD part library

Chats and Forums

   Aldi/Medion support forum   Aldi/Medion hardware support forum
   bit-tech forums   computer hardware forum
   Computer Forum   computer hardware/software forum   computer/security forum   computer forum   computer tech support forum
   DaniWeb   programming/technology discussion
   GadgetBit   technology news
   GeekPolice   tech tutorials   IT education forum in Pakistan
   Legit Reviews forum   computer hardware forum
   Pure Overclock forums   computer hardware forum
   Recovery Force forum   data recovery forum
   Samker’s Computer Forum   computer security forum
   Scurvy’s Ultimate PC Forum   computer hardware/software forum

   Tech Support Guy forums   tech support community
   TechEnclave   Indian technology forum   technology forum   IT professional forums
   Virtual Dr   computer tech support


   Acer   electronics/hardware corporation
   Adobe   creativity/digital marketing/multimedia software   Lithuania news
   AOL   web portal
   AOL Mail   web-based email service
   AOL Search   search engine
   Apple   technology company
   AppleInsider   Apple news/rumors
   Ask Dave Taylor   tech advice/support
   Autoblog   car news/reviews   audio/image/video processing software   Google blog
   Corel   software company
   Dassault Systèmes   software company
   Dell   computer technology company

   Dell EMC   data management/storage
   Engadget   technology blog
   EPAM   IT consulting/software engineering services
   Gateway   computer hardware company
   Google Merchandise Store   Google online store   Google’s nonprofit division
   Hitachi   electrical/electronic manufacturing company
   HP   technology company
   HuffPost   news/opinion website
   IBM   information technology company
   IBM Research   industrial research organization
   Intel   technology company
   MapQuest   online web mapping service
   Microsoft   technology company
   Microsoft Research   computer science/software engineering research

   Microsoft Support   Microsoft product support
   Mitsubishi Electric   electrical/electronic manufacturing company   parenting advice
   Moviefone   movie information/interviews/news/showtimes
   MSN   web portal
   Oracle   cloud computing/enterprise software
   Philips USA   electronics company
   ScienceSoft   software development company
   Smith Micro   software company
   Style Me Pretty   wedding blog
   TechCrunch   startup/technology news
   Teradata   analytic data applications/platforms/services
   Vertica   analytic database management software company
   Whizlabs   online certification training courses for professionals
   Yahoo   web portal

Computer Science

   ACM   Association for Computing Machinery
   ACS   Australian Computer Society
   Apache Hadoop   data management platform
   BCS   British Computer Society
   BYU CS   BYU Computer Science
   C-DAC   Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
   Columbia CS   Columbia Computer Science
   Cornell CS   Cornell Computer Science
   CU CS   CU Computer Science
   dblp   computer science bibliography
   Duke CS   Duke Computer Science
   ETH CS   ETH Computer Science
   FORTH ICS   FORTH Institute of Computer Science
   IEEE Computer Society   professional IT community
   IEEE Xplore   scientific/technical content

   IIIT Hyderabad   International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
   Illinois CS   Illinois Computer Science
   Ingenta Connect   academic/professional content
   McGill CS   McGill Computer Science
   MIT CSAIL   MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab
   NIST ITL   NIST Information Technology Laboratory
   NITR   National Institute of Technology Rourkela
   NYU CS   NYU Computer Science
   NZDL   New Zealand Digital Library
   ODU CS   ODU Computer Science
   Penn CIS   Penn Computer and Information Science
   Princeton CS   Princeton Computer Science
   ProQuest   information-content/technology company   consumer advocate company
   RPI CS   RPI Computer Science

   TIFR   Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
   TUM Informatics   TUM Department of Informatics
   U of T CS   U of T Computer Science
   UBC CS   UBC Computer Science
   UCI ICS   UCI Information & Computer Sciences
   UCSC   University of Colombo School of Computing
   UL FRI   UL Computer and Information Science
   UMass CICS   UMass College of Information and Computer Sciences
   UMD CS   UMD Computer Science
   University of Hyderabad   public research university in India
   UNSW CSE   UNSW Computer Science and Engineering
   UoA CS   UoA Computer Science
   UoS ECS   UoS Electronics and Computer Science
   USENIX   advanced computing systems association
   UT CS   UT Computer Science

   UVA CS   UVA Computer Science
   UW CSE   UW Computer Science & Engineering
   Waterloo CS   Waterloo Computer Science
   Wisconsin CS   Wisconsin Computer Sciences


   1E   IT services/software company
   A.P. Lawrence   Linux/Unix resource website
   Align   technology infrastructure solutions
   Alignex   3D engineering/manufacturing solutions
   Avanade   professional services company
   Bitwise   data management services/technology solutions
   Burleson Consulting   Oracle consulting/support/training
   CGS   applications/business process outsourcing/enterprise learning
   CIMdata   PLM consulting/education/research
   ConnectWise   business/PSA/RMM software
   Credera   IT consulting/management firm
   Dataprise   managed service provider
   Daugherty   business solutions
   DTI Services   bandwidth/co-location/hosting solutions/web page design
   Easysoft   JDBC/ODBC/XML drivers

   eInfochips   product engineering/semiconductor design services
   EMA   Enterprise Management Associates
   En Pointe Technologies   IT services firm
   Experts Exchange   technology solution provider
   Fabasoft   software manufacturer
   Galido Networks   IT consulting/resources
   General Code   online municipal Codes
   HCL   IT consulting/service company
   Hitech   CAD design/drafting services
   Incognito   service orchestration solutions
   Infotivity   software selection process/tools
   Insight   B2B/IT solutions
   IT Support Guys   small business managed IT service provider
   Kezber   IT solutions
   LINBIT   disaster recovery/software clustering company

   MXOtech   IT support firm
   onShore Security   managed cybersecurity
   Oztera   business software solutions
   Perficient   digital transformation consulting firm
   PK   IT solutions company
   Poornam   software development/technical support/web design
   Presidio   cloud/digital infrastructure/security solutions
   rackAID   Linux server management/support   digital photography services
   Rand Worldwide   technology solutions for engineering community
   Rustici Software   eLearning technology
   SCG   Software Contractors’ Guild
   SWC   IT solutions provider
   Switchfast   IT consulting/managed services
   Technijian   IT services/support

   Technology Revealed   Mac IT service/support
   Treehouse Software   data integration/migration/replication solutions
   Tridium   business application frameworks
   T-Systems   digital services for business/institutions